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Home Owner's Insurance

There are many insurance policies under home insurance including buildings insurance, property insurance, tenant's insurance, and landlord's insurance. At Lopez Multi Services in New York, the standard home insurance will cover for property loss or damage due to burglary, accident, or theft. Damage resulting from natural calamities such as floods or earthquake will only be covered through alternative policies. Below are benefits of using our home insurance policy.

You are protected against liability

Home insurance will protect you from personal injuries and property damage, which extends to your guests and other third parties. The coverage is essential since it protects you from lawsuits which can be filed by your guest for damages incurred while residing at your house.

Protects you from human-made and natural calamities

At Lopez Multi Services in New York, you will get comprehensive insurance coverage which protects you from property loss and damages caused by natural disasters such as storms, lightning, fire, and hail. Also, the policy will protect you from human-made hazards such as vandalism riots, car accidents, vandalism, and other incidents.

The policy may cover your temporary living expenses.

If your home becomes damaged or uninhabitable to the extent where you need to rebuild it, we might be able to help you rent a temporary apartment until you get your house back together. This involves rent payment and supply of some essential commodities. The coverage, however, has some restraints depending on the policy agreements between you and our agency.

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