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About Lopez Multi Services

Lopez Multi Services has made a name for itself over the 15 years we have been writing insurance policies for the state of New York. While our focus started on insurance writing, we have evolved over time to accommodate many other services beyond insurance. Our other services include over 10 years experience in the notary public, 7 years in income tax preparation, and 7 years in retail banking. Needless to say, we strive to continue expanding the things we can do for our community and provide these services to better our fellow neighbors in New York.

We take pride in helping our community and making sure the residents of New York are secure and provided high quality services with exceptional detail to precision.

In our time as a company, we have developed key memberships and professional associations with the NNA, IIABNY, and PIA. These partnerships have allowed us to offer services year round with licensed and compliant companies that meet all mandated regulations and continuing education requirements.

Laws and regulations consistently change and we want to keep up with the times to make sure our customers have the most up to date knowledge on their policies and needs. Education is important when it comes to the ins and outs of insurance. Our agents can educate you on the policies and be a resource for when you need answers.

The importance of providing these services, and the continued quality of our agency is thanks to the loyal customers that continue to back us. We treat our clients as if they are a part of the Lopez Multi Services family and look forward to the continued growth as we help the residents of the great state of New York with insurance needs. Contact us by email or phone and we can help you find the policy or service that moves you forward in life.

Professional Memberships